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It's about rock n' roll, about continuing that beautiful circle that was started by people like Robert Johnson, Elmore James, and electrified by Muddy Waters in Chicago. Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley created the style that brought the blues into mass consciousness. From there, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles got it together on the other side of the Atlantic. At the same time, a man named Robert Zimmerman discovered Woody Guthrie, hitchhiked to New York City, changed his name to Dylan, and began to write.

There are special people that continued that cycle. Some that have been there from the early years, and some that have been taken from us far too early. John Lennon, perhaps the greatest songwriter of the twentieth century, Bob Marley, a deeply spiritual man who blessed the world by sharing his positive messages of equality, acceptance, awareness, and of course love. Songs began late at night with him strumming and singing softly on an acoustic guitar.

It's 2006, and during the time its taken me to write this, at least ten of the hundreds of babies born throughout the world have been given a first name...Dylan. People like Bono, The Edge, Neil Young, and The Stones; are still writing, and touring.

I have a deep debt to pay. The music written by all the musicians I have mentioned, and dozens more; gave me inspiration in life long before I ever picked up a guitar. They have all played a part in shaping my personality, and their soundtrack is a constant theme whenever I sift through the memories that entail my experience. Musically, these influences have helped me begin to forge my own style of writing and playing; a style that continues to evolve with every note I play, chord I strum, and word that I put to page.

My daughter, Isabella Marley Nicoletta, takes her middle name from Bob Marley, and this album is dedicated to her. Change in the world begins with our children. "Reckoning" is part experience and part philosophy - both political and personal. How can we make change if we don't share those things that made an impact on our lives and the lives of others? It is my belief, that in this sweet life, the greatest of joys are often linked with moments of pain. My wish is that this album touches a common feeling, belief, or emotion in everyone who listens to it. If nothing else, I hope it sounds good. After all, it's 'Only Rock n' Roll,' right.ah, but it's not quite that simple.